Dear Readers,

Special thanks to artist Matt Tuck for this month's cover art! Also big thanks to everyone who came out and supported the 2017 Traverse City Cup! It was a great time with a lot of high quality bud.

Lets all hope that the Signature collectors get what they need! We all want to see marijuana legalization on the 2018 ballot. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is close to their goal. They need 252,523 signatures they are currently at 200,000+ and have until November 26th to meet their goal.

The MMM Report will always be here to give you up to date news on Medical Marijuana. Thank you to all of our readers and advertisers for the support, we couldn’t do what we do without all of you! Big changes are coming to the industry, but we don't want you to worry, we're all going to get through this and end up on top!

This issue of the MMM Report is packed with local, state and national news regarding the ever changing cannabis laws. As well as in-depth articles from Tim Beck and John Sinclair about what exactly is going on in the industry. Read up, stay focused, and be prepared for the future. The MMM Report will be here to continue giving you your supply of straight dope.

Please support all of our advertisers, who make this magazine possible.

-Dolan F.


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